Latest Updates

» Herd Of Elephant Expressed Their Pain And Grief In The Dead Of A Baby Elephant Belonging To Them.

» Voices of disabled - "Give us the opportunities and chances, we will uplift and prosper the nation as we too are eligible for it"

» Bimala said by weeping that her husband is disappearing since 6 years, she is not being unable to send her daughter as she does not have citizenship, in this case she asked what can she do ?

» In Bardiya the students have demonstrated at headquarter Gulariya demanding to minimize the women violence saying that the campaign against women violence are not becoming effective

» Tragic Incident Happened When 4-Year-Old Girl Got Attacked By Her New Dog And Died On The Spot.

» Because of the increasing air and noise pollution there have been adverse effect in the health of Kathmandu’s residents

» Father Abandons His Five-Years-Old Daughter In Shivering Cold Outside A College.

» Food crisis in western VDCs of Jajsrkot, even for a sack of rice the local residents are being forced to walk for hours to headquarter

» There are huge quantity of copper available in copper mining of Rolpa district though lacking of state and government’s interest copper mining of Rolpa is being shadowed

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