Imam Anwar-ul-Haq threat to SP at Bijnor

Subhadra Rijal

August 30, 2016

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¬Ľ Imam Anwar-ul-Haq threat to SP at Bijnor

¬Ľ Hundreds Of Fighters Who Took Risk Of Their Own Life In Insurgency Period Are Bereaved; And Had Aggressively Forwarded Their Demands To The PM

¬Ľ Businessmen sucking Consumers’ Blood; Consumer Expecting Government’s Help; Government Takes No Action

¬Ľ Over use of Alcohol in order to Offer God and Pitri has enhanced the Alcohol Business and Chances of Social Crime

¬Ľ Warning: ’Kathmandu Valley located, Most of the Heritages are to be unlisted from UNESCO’s List’

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