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Illegal Establishment of Most of the Private Hospitals and Medicals at Jankpur

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - Most of the private hospitals and medicals at Jankpurare found to be established and are running illegally. In an inspection carried out by the team led by Assistant CDO Rajesh Giriin Janakpur today, it has been found that most of the private hospitals, polyclinics, pathology labs, and medicals have been running illegally for a long time.

“There is condition of escaping. They have escaped showing they are illegal as they don’t have self-confidence. This is what we have understood,” says Mr. Rajesh Giri, Assistant Chief District Officer, Dhanusha.

Private hospitals, polyclinics, pathological labs, drugstores including illegally running Arya Care Hospital, with the capacity of 40 beds, Kabya Medical, Jalan Medical, Gynocologist Ram NareshPandit’s clinic have been ceased by the inspection team.
Saying that these organizations have been running without full tax payment, when Inland Revenue Department raided and asked for the necessary documents, the founders of private hospitals, polyclinics, pathological labs, drugstores have run away leaving the business.

On January 6, 2017, DC Nepal had posted Janakpur related news of another illegal activities entitled to ‘Goods and Materials Lost in Janakpur Railway; Increasing Trend of Theft in Janakpur Railway; Public Property has been Misused as Private Property’ which reads as –
When the government works properly, there would not be any corruption, theft and local problems; and so development would be easier. They do not perform good works regularly. If one good project is introduced, the game of commission and compensation starts.

We do not perform work, if there is any good project supported by some donors, we try to disturb and don’t let others perform the work properly. The same thing has happened to the progress of Janakpur-Jayanagar Railway.

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