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Horrible Condition of Kathmandu’s Road; Kathmandu as the Second Worst City in South Asia

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - Road is the major thing that gives the identity of any place. But the road of Kathmandu itself is the worst one.

The road expansion work started since 2066 BS has not been half-completed yet. “When there is rain, entire road becomes muddy. Right after sunshine, there starts dusts. It is very difficult to travel along the road without mask. It is really very difficult. Now summer is going to start. In Summer season, several disease can infect us. The government does nothing about it. Last year also, it was same. Previous year also, it was same. This year also, the condition is as it is. We don’t know when it will be solved,” says Pradip Pandey, one of the foot-travellers at Kathmandu.

“In the name of Melamchi Water Supply, it has been dug. Without drinking Melamchi’s water, we suppose this smoke and dust will kill Kathmandu-dwellers. Everywhere, there is dust only,” says SewakThapa, another foot-traveller at Kathmandu Valley.

General people are not going to be impressed with the development of a certainplace. The development should touch softly to the people of east to west and north to south. For the overall development, services should be provided door-to-door to the people. For the same, there must be the extension and development of the road network.

In the road expansion work started six years back with the expansion of road from 14metre to 22 metre is being carried out by the Road Expansion Project under Road Department. The department, which has taken the responsibility of improving 90 kilometre, has completed the work only of 38 kilometre.

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