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Govinda Raj Pokharel replaced Gyewali as CEO of National Reconstruction Authority

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - Today on Wednesday, the meeting held in the office of Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers has sacked SushilGyawali and has appointed Govinda Raj Pokharel as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of NRA (National Reconstruction Authority).

A Cabinet meeting held on this morning made this decision effective from today concluding that Gyewali’s recent clarification to the government was not satisfactory, as the Minister for Information and Communications Mr. SurendraKarkiinformed the press this afternoon.

NRA was formed for the first time to lead the post-earthquake reconstruction works. The then SushilKoirala-led government had appointed Mr. Pokharel, the then Vice-Chairman of the National Planning Commission, for the position. However, Pokharel was sacked from the position before the body came into operation and was replaced by Mr. Gyawali.

Today, with the proposal of NC only, again, the government has sacked Mr. Gyawali and has replaced the post by appointing Mr. Pokharel citing former’s performance was not satisfactory.

There is common gossipthat the decision was politically influenced as Gyewali is considered close to the main opposition CPN-UML.Pokharel is close to the ruling Nepali Congress. Mr. Pokharel had contested for the party’s central membership in the 13th National General Conventionof NC last year.

The government on January 5 had asked Gyewali to furnish a second clarification, asking him why he should not be removed from the post. As the clarification, Gyawali had said he could not perform his best as the government had not cooperated him.

Gyewali was appointed by the formerOli-led coalition government in December 2015.

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