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Number of External Tourists Visiting Myagdi’s Ghandruk has Increased in 2016 AD Compared to 2015 AD

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), Ghandruk, the number of tourists vising Ghodepani, Ghandruk has increased by 31.24 percent in 2016  AD in comparison to that of 2015 AD.

From January to December, 2016, in GhodepaniGhandruk of Annapurna Base Camp Area, 47,247 tourists had visited as informed by Assistant Administrator of ACAP Mr. AnandaSubedi.

Thirty Six thousand tourists in 2015 AD and forty-two thousand tourists in 2014 AD had visited in this area. In Birethanti and sixth Checkpost, the information about the tourists visiting the place and returning from the place is recorded.
In Ghodepani of Myagdi’sKhar VDC, Ghandruk and Annapurna Ring Track are the major destination of the tourists. In October, the maximum number of tourists, i.e. eight thousand one hundred, and least in June, i.e. one thousand eighty-two tourists, had visited.

In the beginning of 2016 AD, though the blockade had affected. In other time, there was remarkable inflow of tourists at the place, according to Mr. BirBahadurKuikel, Office Head of ACAP, Ghandruk.

When the information was viral with the fact that there was no loss due to the earthquake and the place was safe, the number of tourists had been increased, as he opined.

As Ghandruk is very close to the tourist place Pokhara, Ghodepani-Ghandruk foot-track is taken as the attractive destination for the short trip tracking tourists.
Ghodepani that exists in Khar VDC of Myagdi, Ghandruk of Punil and Kaski, Annapurna’s Ring Track are the major destinations of the internal and external tourists who visit this area.

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