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Displeased Madhesi Morcha not Satisfied even After Tabling the Amendment Proposal; Internal Dispute among Madhesi Morcha

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - The Government, saying for addressing the demands of MadhesiMorcha, has already tabled the second amendment proposal of the constitution. However, inside the displeased MadhesiMorcha, there is internal dispute. Out of the six parties involved in the Morcha, UpendraYadav led Federal Societal Forum Nepal has declared that the amendment proposal is not acceptable ceteris paribus.

“Before passing the amendment proposal, it should be revised and then only it should be passed. In this move point, at least I am rigid,” says the President of Federal Societal Forum Nepal Mr. UpendraYadav. According to the party president Yadav, he is not satisfied with the proposal.


Yadav even said that there was no consent of his party in the amendment proposals which has been tabled; and so, it was told lie and attempted to make a remour only. Yadav added, “This Proposal has been brought with our agreement. So we have informed the Prime Minister that we reject the proposal. Do the Prime Minister tell lie once again? Sometimes, he shall speak the truth as well.”

The Forum has said that the tabled proposal will not be acceptable to them unless they are revised before passing it because the proposal does not address any of twenty-seven of their demands.

Forum is not going to cast vote in favour of the amendment proposal tabled by the government unless the revision is made. “It is not according to our demand. It does not address the issues we have raised,” said the president of Federal Societal Forum Nepal Mr. UpendraYadav.

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