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SyangjaEladiĺs Khaltegaun is being Famous as Suntalabari Homestay; 32 Families of Khaltegaun have Started the Professional Orange Farming at Once

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - When entire village started professional orange farm, now, Syanja’sKhalte village is famous with the new name Suntalabari (i.e. orange field).

When the locals started Suntalabari Home Stay, Khaltegaun has been changing into the destination of agricultural tourism.

Some years ago, the family of LalBahadurGurung of Eladi could eat only for three months from the production of maize and millet farmed in three ropani of land.
Four years ago, Mr. Gurung started professional orange farm. Now, Gurung is earning more than Rs.5,00,000 every year form selling the oranges. So, Gurung is able to run the family of ten-membersand save some money.

“What would be there in the beginning? There used to be nothing before. Farming millet and maize, there used to be nothing. The crops would not be sufficient for survival. It would not be sufficient for the family. After farming orange, now there is surplus. After spending for food and clothing also, there is some surplus,” says Mr. LalBahadurGurung, one of the professional orange farmer of Eladi village.

Like Gurung, thirty-two families of SyangjaEladi’sKhaltegaun have started professional orange farming. Just doing orange farming, more than Rs.50,00,000 have started entering in the village. Right after the orange farming, the villagers have started Suntalabari Home Stay in order to attract tourist in the village.
When the villagers could be able to manage the opportunity to consume the hospitality service and direct plucking of orange from the tree, homestay has also flourished.

“Here, especially, in order to view the scenery, several people come and enjoy here; and we have realized that the homestay has been flourished due to orange farming,” says the President of Suntalabari Community Homestay.

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