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Illegal Mining of Soil, Sand and Stone at Bhaktapur; Government Agencies and Police Post have not been able to Stop the Illegal Mining

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Chiranjeevee Pokhrel for DCnepal, January 11, 2017 - In Bhaktapur, together with plotting of land, illegal mining of soil, sand and stone has been started.

District Administration Office, Bhaktapur has prohibited in the operation of the mining, the mining and sales of soil, sand and stone have not been stopped.

Saying the mine has been operated without taking any approval, two years ago, CIAA (Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority) had ceased all the files related to the mine from Bhaktapur District Development.

“Legally, we have not given permission to anyone. If they have been doing illegal work, we request you to send the information to the concerned authority, the concerned authority will take strong action and you will certainly get the information about it,” says Dhruba Prasad Koirala, Local Development Officer, Bhaktapur.

In Bhaktapur’sDuwakot, Jhaukhel and Neposera, illegal mining of sand and soil for sale. Accordingly, mining stone from Tathali, crusher industry has been operated. Though District Administration Office, Bhaktapur has already directed Chudal Police Post in order to stop the stone mine, the police have not taken action yet.

On July 4, 2016, DC Nepal had posted related news entitled to ‘Sand Mine Killed Several Lives as it is 100Ft. Deep; VDC’s staffer Informs to the Contractor if somebody Register the Case against them – Said a Victim’ which reads as –
Bhaktapur’s Chaukhel-8 located sand mine has took life of several people. There is swamp of mud as the landslide has occurred and a hill has been degraded in the name of sand mine. The collection water in a depth looks like a swimming pool.

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