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Easy way of making Furandana at your home which is very popular spicy snack in Nepal

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Basanti Maharjan, January 12, 2017 (DCnepal) – Here is the very interesting, simple and easy to make food provided by Yummy Nepali Kitchen. Yummy Nepali Kitchen is a channel which is all about inspiring others to cook all kinds of food all around the world especially Newari and Nepali cuisine.

Yummy Nepali Kitchen provides yummy and easy recipe so that anyone can learn to cook easily within some minutes. Today, we are showing you the easy recipe of making crunchy and delicious dish "Furandana."

Furandana is very popular spicy snack in Nepal. Function is made and served during traditional and culture functions. This beloved food is a wonder snack having beaten rice as its core constituent.

Here are the necessary ingredients to make Furandana: Beaten rice, fired peanuts, bhujia, sliced ginger, dried red chilli, papad, salt to taste, black pepper and sunflower oil.

Now, let’s begin. First, heat pan adding enough oil to fry papad, dry chillies for while then fry chopped ginger too till it becomes red in colour. Replace all fried ingredients in one bowl adding paper towel in it. Then, adding more oil in the same pan fry beaten rice just for while. Now pour fird beate rice into the bowl we had added the ingredient earlier.

Now add bhujia, fried peanuts, black pepper and some salt as there used to be salt earlier in papad, peanuts and bhujia. Now mix all the ingredients well so that all ingredients combine well with each other. Now, your furanda is ready to be served.

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