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Girl 5 gets first degree burn after using a sunscreen

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The video is about a cream which gave a first-degree burn to her five year old daughter. Her little girl woke in crying in the morning since she had sunburn. She had used Banana Boat’s strongest sunscreen to protect her baby but she never knew that this cream will harm her baby. She had no idea that she needs to protect her baby from this giant cream.


The woman has shared this on her face book since she wants people to know what her baby has gone through. She says that her baby wakes up in middle of the night in pain and cries all night. She never wants any other children or parents to go though the horrific experience. The people of this area have become very advance and forward.


In attempt to be modern and forward the people of present world have forgotten the term humanity. They have got nothing to do with this term. Only what matters to the people of now is money. They have thinking that money can do anything and if they have money they would not even need to have some people and friends by their side.


This is the world in which a son doesn’t counts on his father and a father doesn’t cares about his son, all matters for them is money and how to make money. The people have become self centered and money oriented. The only thing they think of is making money and for this they are ready to do anything. They do not care about the harmful effects on people because of it.

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