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Residents of Valley are compelled to stay awake for whole night just for fetching a pot of water as there is scarcity of water in Kathmandu Valley

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Basanti Maharjan, January 12, 2017 (DCnepal) – Presently, there is the demands of more than37 crore liter of water every day in Kathmandu Valley but Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Ltd can only supply 12 crore litre of water each day.

Along with the dry season the supply of water too decreases due to which there used to supply of only 9 crore of drinking water every day in Kathmandu. Because of imbalance seen in drinking water’s supply and demands there used to be scarcity of water which has create a crisis in Kathmandu Valley.

Tilak Mohan Bhandari, Technician of Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Ltd said there used to lots of troubles and problems as there is scarcity of water in Kathmandu Valley. There used to be high demands of water as water is essential in every aspect but the supply is very low.

So, in the gap of 4- 5 days they have been supplying drinking water in the areas as well as they used to supply water only for 1 hours in summer season or dry season whereas in rainy season they used to supply water for 1- 2 hours a day said technician Bhandari. In addition Bhandari said unless Melamchi drinking water doesn’t arrive in Kathmandu there would be scarcity of water as well as problems for sure.

Among the total imported water every day more than 3 crore liter are going waste because of leakage. But as Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Ltd could not change the pipe as well as repair the leakage the consumers and local residents of Kathmandu are facing lots of troubles.

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